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Online Training Course

This class will teach students how to prepare their startup for agility, experimentation and personalization so that their product and marketing experiments to increase conversions and customer value are able to be executed free of developer involvement.

Students will learn about:

  • The 8 stages of the Customer Funnel
  • Key tools to leverage for your startup and how to use them
  • How to define and extract pertinent information about your users and how they are using your app

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Past Speaking Engagements



Audrey is available to speak on panels about the following topics:

  • Funnel Hacking
  • Startups
  • Women in Tech
  • Newcomers to Silicon Valley
  • Productivity
  • Best Tools for your Startup


Audrey has written a number of blogs and has guest posted for other blogs.

She now writes on Medium here.

  Funnel Hacking: More Crucial than Growth Hacking

While Growth Hacking is focused on bringing as many eyeballs to your site as possible, Funnel Hacking wants to make the most of the eyeballs that come your way and convert as many of them as possible, and then once converted, extract as much value as possible.  Read More