About Audrey

Audrey’s career has spanned across 3 continents and has been pushing product and technical innovation across Media, Telcos, Finance and Startups since 1997.

She started her career as software engineer and spent the first 10 years of her career in a variety of roles as an IT consultant including Business Analyst, Product Manager, Systems Integration Analyst, Business Development, Strategy Consultant, Trainer and Process Governance.
She has spent the last decade in the Startup sector as a founder and CEO of 3 tech startups.  In the last 5 years she has focused on solving the problems she experienced and saw other founders experience in their startups and has developed her Customer Journey Optimization methodology, a Product Led Growth strategy to help startups liberate their non-technical team members from the developer bottleneck.
She now runs a coaching program called the SaaS Trial Rocketship program that works with startups to increase their SaaS trial conversions without developer involvement.

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